Thursday, November 8, 2018

I hate goodbye's

Earlier this summer my parents decided that they wanted to sell their house and build something to accommodate their ever growing family better. We moved into this home when I was 16 years old, even though I only called that home for two years of my life. It is what our kids have always known as Grandpa & Grandma's house. It was hard for me to say goodbye to a place that held so many happy memories and it was especially to leave that backyard for the last time. My kid have spent hours jumping on the tramp, chasing Rue around the grass, and wandering through the garden. My dad build that swing set in the backyard when I was just a kid and we moved it over into our new backyard. The kids loved that thing. They would jump off of the bar onto the trampoline and spin each other dizzy on the tire swing. That sandbox got a lot of love too. It was always full of tractors and the kids could spend hours in there. We spent so many Sunday evenings in that backyard, playing volleyball, croquet, and basketball. It was the best backyard ever. My parents have purchased a lot in Lindon, not far from where we currently live, we've gone on a family bike ride twice to check it out already. They're hoping to break ground soon and be in next year sometime. I'm sure we will love their new house just as much and make many memories in their new backyard too.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

an update..

I have to say, I feel like a lot of my entries over the past 6 months haven't been the most upbeat and I'm kinda sad about that. But the reason I do this blog is so I can create books that my family can look back on over the years. I want to keep it real, but not in a way that makes me seem unhappy or miserable because that I am definitely not! I love my life, I love my 5 rambunctious kids, and I love my happily ever after with Jason. One thing is certain in this life though, it will be hard. There will always be ups and downs, some downs will be bigger than others, but that is why we are here on this earth. To live life, to gain experiences, and to grow. The challenging times in life are what helps us to learn and to grow and to appreciate the good times more fully. We are here to have joy, that is what our Heavenly Father wants most for us. I have been feeling better lately, not so tired and less overwhelmed. Its been nice to feel like myself again. One thing that has helped me is to know my stressful times and prepare better to manage expectations. After school, dinner time especially, can be hard. After a long day at school, and running kids to places they need to be after school, both the kids and I don't have much patience. But I've noticed if I plan my meals ahead, and do as much prepping as I can during the day, our dinner time runs a little more smoother. Plus we're all getting a healthy meal and that makes me feel good. There have been other things I've tried to manage better and I can see that helping me also. I really do love being a stay at home mom and I'm lucky that I get to be.

I don't think I've mentioned it this year, but in January I was asked to be the 1st counselor in Primary-after serving for 6 months as the 2nd counselor in the Relief Society. I was sad about leaving Relief Society because I really did love getting my cup filled every Sunday by our inspired lessons, but I did feel a little out of place, maybe too young to be teaching such wise and wonderful women. But I immeditlay fell in love with primary. It has been such a fun place to be and I've loved being able to teach and focus on the basic fundamental truths of the gospel. The children are so sweet and my testimony has been strengthened by theirs. I'm afraid my time in primary is winding down, as our 2nd counselor just got called to be Relief Society president, and our primary president is expecting twins next month. But I will forever look back on my time serving in primary with a smile on my face, it has been the best and I love all those little kids so much.

Since I gave an update on myself, I should probably give an update on Jason. We were both a little surprised when the bishop asked Jason if he would be the Young Mens president. He told Jason that there were several men in our ward that would be good at this calling but it was very clear to him that the Lord wanted Jason at this time. Jason didn't say yes right away, he took a couple days to think about it, we prayed and went to the temple too. There has been some changes at work and Jason will be filling a different role with more responsibility. Then, we've decided to move forward with building our new home and Jason has been heavily involved in that too. With so much going on, Jason felt overwhelmed. He expressed to me that he felt like he wouldn't be the best at this calling because he isn't a scriptorian, and not the most spiritual guy there is. I could see how Satan wanted Jason to doubt his abilities because I knew with all my heart that this calling would be so great for the young men in our ward, and for Jason. It would be uncomfortable and hard but I knew that Jason would bless those young mens lives and would see blessings in his own as well. Even though the timing of it all wasn't ideal, I've learned to trust the Lords timing, he knows what is best and maybe this is exactly what Jason needs too.  Jason accepted the call and was sustained in October. When the bishop gave him a blessing I could feel the spirit strongly. Its only been about a month and I have to say I am so proud of Jason for serving with such a positive attitude. His first week he had meetings like everyday and seeing him in church clothes so often gave me all the heart eyes. When I see Jason with those young men I feel so happy for them,  that they get to have a leader with such a good heart, that will help them to grow into fine young men. Every Sunday after church Jason goes with some of the young men to take the sacrament to the sick and elderly in our ward. He comes back and tells me about his visits, he is so compassionate and caring and I love that about him so much. I'm excited to see Jason fulfill this new role.

See life is good. Like really really good. I think about our experience back in May quite often and it makes me cry thinking about how real that fear and sadness was and then the elation we felt when the doctor told us he had witnessed a miracle. Things could be so different right now, and I pray prayers of gratitude everyday for Heavenly Father blessing our lives in this way.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

meeting Morley

We have another cousin on the Dahl side! It feels like a big deal whenever we add a new Dahl cousin because for so long my kids were like the only ones. Mitch and Hannah had their baby girl, Morley, on August 28th. We went and visited with them while they were in the hospital and the kids just couldn't get enough of the sweet baby girl. A few weeks later we went to Mitch and Hannah's house to get more Morley time. I'm so happy for Mitch and Hannah, they are going to be such good parents. Also, I swoon every time I see may man with a baby in his arms.

Monday, October 22, 2018

18 months

I've had this post on my mind for months, I have so much to say about this sweet little pumpkin of a baby girl. Tatum is so much fun and our entire family just adores her. We all fight over who gets to go get her out of bed in the morning, and everyone is always trying to steal kisses from her. I want to write down things I never want to forget about Tatum at this age. Over the summer we learned of Tatum's love of watermelon, she just couldn't get enough of the juicy goodness. Watching her chomp on it was like my favorite thing ever, basically watching her eat anything is my favorite thing ever. Tatum isn't a picky eater and will eat pretty much anything. She does have a couple obsessions though, and I mean she is obsessed. Tatum LOVES gum. One time she ate an entire package in a matter of minutes. If she sees a pack of gum she will freak out until she gets some. It doesnt matter the flavor, she's not afraid of hot minty flavors she'll still devour them. She also loves breath mints, and toothpaste. Can you blame a girl for wanting some fresh breath? Tatum's other love is soda, soda in a can or in a cup, don't you dare try to have a drink in front of her. From an early age she had a thing for drinking out of a can, usually our drinks are caffeinated, and we try our best to keep them out of her sight, but I have snapped a couple pictures of her trying to get one last drop out of an empty can. This summer on the lake she would lose her mind if she saw a can and wasn't offered a sip. I guess I need to start milk in a pop can company, Tatum would keep me in business. She also loves shredded cheese, avocados, and eggs. Tatum really loves babies, in fact, she gets so protective and obsessive when she is around her baby nieces. Anytime she is around Remi or Morley she thinks that baby is hers and she does not like to share! Tatum doesn't talk much, but she doesn't need to I guess, she's got 4 older siblings, and a mom and dad that give into her every grunt and whine. She just points to what she wants and makes it known that is what she needs. One day in the car I said, 'Tatum, its a good day!' and she replied back 'gooo ay' we all think it is the cutest thing ever so all day we're constantly trying to get her to say it. Just over the last couple weeks she has been trying to talk a little bit more, which is so fun. One thing that Tatum does not love is nursery. I've tried to take her in many times and either she will cry and not let me leave, or they will come back and get me after a few minutes. I've never had a baby not love nursery, so this has been a new thing for. me. I do take Tatum and Briggs to the day care at the rec center now and then and she seems to do ok in there. But after telling the ladies at the daycare her dislike for nursery they said maybe its because she doesn't have Briggs or any one else familiar to her in there. When she gets sad, Briggs will come comfort her. So I think she just doesn't love being in nursery all by herself. We'll keep working on it and hopefully she can learn to like it. Tatum is a wild child, and Jason has often said, she's Briggs 2.0 - which terrifies me. But I love that she is strong willed, and has a big persoanlity. She is very busy and is constantly getting into stuff. She loves to play rough and have Jason through her on the couch and wrestle her. She'll giggle and scream for more. With the kids back in school, and briggs in preschool every afternoon Tatum and I get some good one on one time. Most of the afternoon she naps, but some days she'll wake up early and we'll run errands together. I'm so excited to have another little girlfriend to spend my days with. It impossible to imagine our family without our Toot Toot, she is such a joy and we love her in our family.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Prague & Berlin

Last year I decided I wanted to complete all the world marathon majors. I’ve already done Boston, which seems to be the most competitive and one you must time qualify in order to compete. All the others are based on a lottery type system, so I registered for Berlin, Chicago and New York last year. I got into both Berlin and Chicago. Jason and I have only been to Europe once, last year for the Vivint charity trip. And this seemed like a good excuse for Jason and I to travel. I love that Jason is willing to go along with my crazy ideas. We decided to make Prague our first destination. After the long flight, we landed in Prague on Sunday afternoon. We dropped our bags off at the hotel and went out to explore this new world. Which is exactly what it felt like, a completely different world. The buildings were very old but had so much ornate detail. We ate a trdelnik , something I had been dreaming of the second we left Romania a year ago-think a thin crispy sugary  piece of bread... oh man, it’s divine! We climbed up 178 stairs to the top of powder tower where we could see a beautiful view of the city. Every direction you looked was like a postcard. So incredibly beautiful. That night we ate at a traditional Czech restaurant. I could not get over some of the options on the menu. There was Prague snails, pate of pheasant, cheeks of suckling pigs, and sautéed rabbit kidneys. I settled on trying a schnitzel and it was pretty good. We woke up early the next morning to meet our tour guide Albi, she came as a reccomendation from a friend that had recently visited Prague. Albi took us all around Prague, showing us sights and teaching us of the city’s history. We spent 5 hours that day touring with her. It was nice to be with someone that knew so much. She told us other things we must see and places to eat. After walking for so far and so long, we opted for an easier way to see the city. We rented Scoosers and had a young man take us to see even more of Prague. It was a highlight of the trip! We rode through this local park where we took in the gorgeous city scape. It was so pretty it almost felt like we were looking at a painting. Our scooser guy surprised us with paint markers so we could leave our mark on the John Lennon wall. We ended the night with dinner at our hotel. We got a little bit of a later start the next day, I had a hard time waking up and slept in. When we made it out to the city we went to see the Prague Eiffel Tower. It’s an exact replica of the Paris one, only 5 times smaller. We hiked up the hillside, stopped and had sandwiches at this cute little cafe and then continued our way up. We took the windy stairs all the up to the top and once again we were amazed with the view. Once we made our way down the hillside we rented a paddle boat and took a leisurely ride on the river, it was so nice and relaxing. We ended the night with dinner along the river and the most beautiful sunset. It was cool to see the colors of the buildings change as the sun went down and the bridge itself was just unreal and so romantic.
On our last day in Prague we visited the Prague zoo, it was huge! We wandered around for hours but they had some really cool animals, it made us really miss the kids though. They would have loved it! After the zoo we did some more sightseeing before calling it a night. It’s crazy to think of how many miles we walked in those three days! By the end of the day our feet could feel it though. The inner part of the city is so pedestrian friendly and people walk right down the middle of the cobblestone streets. I had so much fun exploring Prague with Jason, it’s fun to experience new things with him. He’s a great travel buddy and this has been a trip we’ll never forget.

We took a train to Berlin, our first time traveling on a real train in a real train station. We made it with no hiccups except for choosing seats facing the opposite direction of travel. Which was kinda a bummer because their was some really beautiful sighteeeing along the way. We passed through several charming towns nestled along the green mountainside and river. It was drizzling rain which just made it all the more perfect. The closer we got to Berlin the less prettier it became. I’m not saying Berlin was ugly, it’s just that Prague was SO beautiful. Our first stop in Berlin was the race expo. I got checked in, got all my gear, and was feeling excited. The next day we did some touring and saw a portion of the Berlin Wall. We decided to do a Segway tour, which was a really good choice.  Our tour guide gave us history lessons as we rode around the city for several hours. Definitely the way to see the city! The next day we took a train, since we are experienced  riders now, to the town of Oranienburg To visit the Sachsenhausen Concentration camp. Talk about a sombering place to visit. We walked around with our audio guide and heard stories of survivors and learned more about life for those held imprisoned there. It was a heavy day, eye opening and so very sad. But amidst all the sadness, I felt an overwhelming feeling of the goodness that is in the world. Many people survived and walked out of the prison gates alive, and their courage, strength, and resilience is so inspiring to me. There are so many good people in the world, some endure such hard circumstances but still live life with faith, positivity, and courage. They say we can learn lots of history, and boy is that the truth.
On our way back to the hotel from the concentration camp, we saw that the rollerblading marathon was taking place. Jason and I cheered on people from the sidelines and it was so fun. We ended up walking towards the finish line area and watched people skate through Brandonberg gate to the finish line, I could wait for my turn to run through that gate.
The next morning I woke up early, had my usual oatmeal with banana and went on my way to the race. Our hotel was right along the marathon route and I could easily walk to the start line. In the elevator I met a nice girl from New York that spoke English!! We walked to the start area together, it was nice not to have to be alone. The start area was nuts! I’ve never seen so many people crammed into one space. I’ve also never seen so many people peeing on sidewalks either. I couldn’t always understand the announcer but occasionally I would hear instructions in English. They played some American music and the crowd was clapping, the energy was eclectic. The race started and off I went. I didn’t set any expectations for myself, I wanted to get out there and just enjoy the experience of running through the streets of Berlin, and that I did. I didn’t push myself too hard, and when Jason called and asked how I was doing I told him it felt like I was running a marathon. Jason met me right outside our hotel at about mile 23, and it was so nice to see his face. We hugged, took a picture, and I went on my way. Those last miles really drug on. That moment of running under Brandonberg gate was unforgettable though! I ended up crossing the finish line at 3:56, not my best time. But that wasn’t my goal going into it. I did feel a little discouraged though, because I know I am capable of a faster time. Both my 20 mile training runs were completed with a faster per mile average. Knowing I had Chicago in 3 weeks was in the back of my mind too. All that said, I’m not going to be upset with my time, I ran a Marathon in freaking Berlin! Who gets to do that? A new world record was set that day, with a time of 2 hours and 1 minute. Beating the precious record (his own) by 77 seconds. After the marathon Jason and I went back to the hotel to relax and Jason surprised me with a massage at the spa. The next morning we woke bright and early to catch our flight home. All this time I had though we landed in Utah on a Tuesday, but a few days earlier while checking our boarding pass, I noticed that we actually got home on Monday. I had sitters and everything arranged until Tuesday so we secretly told the sitters we were coming home early. We ended up landing just in time to pick the kids up from school. They were so surprised to see us and it was so fun to see their cute, happy faces. Life resumed to normal rather quickly. I feel so lucky to have been able to get one race closer to my goal of completing all 6 world marathon majors. Look out Chicago! I’m coming for you next