Saturday, June 9, 2018

gone fishing

Last week Jason took the boys for a day of fishing on Strawberry Reservoir. Grandpa Jerry, Grandpa Kevin, and Great Grandpa Jack went too! Briggs caught a fish on the very first line he cast (on his brand new camo fishing pole) Everyone caught a fish that day! The girls and I felt kinda left out and we're thinking next time the girls come along too. I'm so glad the boys got to have this fun day together, how lucky are our boys to have both grandpa's take the day off of work to go fishing on a weekday?! Pretty darn lucky if you ask me.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

school days

Well, that happened quick, its crazy to me that we are already ate the end of another school year. This has been a really good year at American Heritage. I must say I'm absolutely a fan of all day kindergarten. Dallas has done so well with being in school all day and it has really been nice to not feel like most of my daytime is spent driving to and from. I've enjoyed my days home with just Briggs and Tatum, those two are a lot of fun- mischievous, but super fun. When I pick up the kids from school at 3:00, that is when the crazy begins.  Somedays I can't believe all the stuff we're able to cram in between the hours of 3:30 and 7:30. There is dance class, piano lessons, volleyball, baseball practice, basketball practice, and soccer. We do fit an occasionally play date with friends in there too! I do love it though, it makes me happy to have our kids be active and be able to participate in extra cirricular activity. My parents were always willing to let me try whatever sport or activity I wanted and they were so supportive. I hope to give the same oppertunityes to our kids so they can find what it is they really love and presue that.

Every grade does a school devotional, Dallas' was right before Christmas, but both Jaxon's and Lexi's were during the second half of the school year. They both memorized their parts with ease and were so confident up performing their part.

 The last month of school is always busy, with class parties, field trips, and other fun stuff going on. I'll admit, in some years past I've tried to soak up having less kids at home during the day and volunteered less in the last month. But this year I wanted to really make an effort to be there to finish out the year with the kids. I signed up to chaperone a field trip with each kid and their class.

For Jaxon's field trip we visited the Thanksgiving Point gardens. His class read the book the Secret Garden and so the field trip was a way for them to celebrate finishing the book and to enjoy the beauty of the gardens. We had fun taking our time wandering the gardens, smelling flowers, and rolling down the grass hill (Jax- not me) I love to see Jaxon in his classroom. You can tell other kids look up to him and he is a friend to all.

Lexi's class field trip was to the Tracey Aviary. I've never been, and was looking forward to it. We had so much fun learning about different birds and looking at all the different variety. I loved seeing the owls, they're so cute! I had the sweetest group of girls and I had such a good time hanging out with Lexi and her friends.

Dallas' last field trip was to the pioneer museum here in Pleasant Grove. I remember going there on a field trip when I was in elementary school (it wasn't during kindergarten though). Some of the pioneer stories were hard for the littles to sit through but I really enjoyed looking around the room at the pioneers that first settled in pleasant grove and seeing the really old dresses, looms, and rocking chair. Dallas loves it when I come into her class, so does Quinnie, Dallas and Quintin are the cutest little cousin friends.

Jaxon missed the official last day of school because he had his Memorial Day baseball tournament, so  his last day was field day. Every year the last day is hard on the big kids. They usually shed some tears on the drive home. On Jaxon's last day he felt sad that he didn't tell his teacher and classmates goodbye. But I assured him that summer would go by quick and soon enough he'll be back in class with his friends.

On the last day of school Lexi's teacher gave all the kids an award, Lexi got the friendship award for being a friend to all. I love this and I am so proud of Lexi for being such a good student and friend. Her teacher absolutely adores here, and how could you not?! She is one amazing girl.

Dallas had a great kindergarten year. I was nervous about her being in school all day but she handled the long days really well. She loves being one of the big kids and has grown up so much this year. Her handwriting is beautiful and she is reading like a champ. 

Briggs ended up missing his preschool graduation because Jason was in the hospital that week and things were crazy as you would expect. I felt bad about him missing his cute little graduation program, but he still has another year of preschool and we'll have another preschool graduation next year. He did have fun during his last week of school and took his puppy 'Thunder' to his teddy bear picnic. Could you die over that sweet face?! I sure do.

Sunday, May 13, 2018


Well, I think we're officially in our 'pre-teens' now. This last year went by so fast and I feel like I'm still trying to come to terms with having a kid in the double digits and now he is ELEVEN? It still boggles my mind how my little baby boy has turned into a young man in just the blink of an eye. Jason had to travel for work the day of Jaxon's birthday so he was not able to be with us the morning of Jaxon's birthday. We did still sing Happy Birthday and I made Jaxon an eleven stack of pancakes, but opening presents would have to wait till later in the day. I know what you wondering, Did Jaxon eat all 11 pancakes? No, he didn't but he gladly shared with all the other kids. Jaxon was actually looking forward to going to school on his birthday because he was going to get a homework pass and get excused from all homework for the day. I went into his classroom to watch him show his birthday poster he had made. I love seeing his interatction in class, you can tell that he is a friend to all and everyone likes him. I had a proud mom moment when he was making his poster, one of the questions was, "who is your real life hero?" He wrote. 'My mom. Because she helps me with everything.' It was sweet and meant so much. Jason picked the kids up after school and Jax got to open up his birthday gifts. For the second year in a row Jaxon got a Jazz jersey. But last year just 2 months after getting a Gordon Hayward jersey, Jason burned it on the 4th of July because Hayward chose to leave our beloved Jazz. But this year we there is a new kid on the block. Our rookie player Donovan Mitchell is in the running for Rookie of the Year and they can't keep his jersey's on the shelves. He'll be around for awhile they say, so hopefully we wont be burning Jaxon's birthday presents anytime soon. Jaxon also got some Jazz socks, and an emoji tie. Jason and I took Jaxon and Lexi out to dinner and to see the new Avengers movie, which Jaxon LOVED! We didn't realize when we bought the tickets but the Jazz playoff game was during the movie. We were stoked to find out that the Jazz won! Doesn't get much better than that.

For his birthday party Jax wanted to get his buddies together for a night of video games. There is this new game called Fortnite that is all they rage, like all the boys are playing it. Jaxon invited 12 friends and we went to this dark place in Provo with t.v's galore and the boys were in literal video game heaven. I could barely get them to eat pizza they all wanted to get right to the game. I think the party was a huge success. One thing I loved about his party was seeing the variety of friends Jaxon has. He has his school friends, neighborhood friends, and friends he knows from sports teams. It makes me happy to see him involved with several different groups of friends.

Jax bud,
     Happy Birthday! I really can't believe in a few short years you will be a teenager! As much as I dislike you growing up I do love seeing the young man you are becoming. I had someone comment to me that you are such a nice 'older' boy in the neighborhood. It surprised me to think of you as one of the older kids in the neighborhood but I love that other parents are grateful for you and your kindness. You are a friend to all. Right now there are several younger boys who come to our house constantly asking to play with you, you don't complain that the little kids want to hang out with you. You treat them like you would your own friends. I know those young boys look up to you so much and I'm glad they have such a good kid as their example and friend. You are such a good boy, you have a sweet heart, and a smart brain. You are getting so good at the piano and I love hearing you play. You're talented at the piano, a good student, and a stud athlete. I love that you are so well rounded.  I love that you alwasys try to stay up late and hang out with mom and dad. We are very proud of you and you make us so very happy. We feel lucky to have you in our family and I'm so glad you came to us very first. Thank you for being you, for standing up for what you know is right, and making good choices. I love that I get a front row seat to your life and can't wait to see your future. Thanks for being one legit son.
                      Love your parents,
                                             Mom and Dad

Jax man- Happy birthday buddy! Just want you to know how proud you make me. I"m the luckiest dad in the world to have my oldest son be such a stud. You are funny, smart, handsome, and one hack of an athlete! So proud of the hard working dedication you put into school and the other things you enjoy. I wish I was there with you this morning. I'll be on a flight when you wake up. Hope you have an awesome day buddy. I love you big boy!


Sunday, May 6, 2018

Easter in St. George

We had originally planned to go to St. George for Spring Break because Stacey would be having her baby about that time. Jason's family wanted to do a family trip before the Madsen's moved to Tennessee so they all booked a place in St. George too. Then, Jaxon's baseball team decided to do a baseball tournament in St. George. So we geared up for week long trip to St. George with lots of family fun, baby snuggling, and baseball watching. Easter also happened to fall during this week too, we colored eggs and made resurrection cookies with Grandma Pam. The kids were happy to discover that the Easter bunny was able to locate them in St. George and they enjoyed going through their Easter baskets while listening to General Conference. 

Our newest little cousin was born just a few days before we arrived in St. George. We all loved getting to love on miss Remington Lynn. She is so tiny and has a headful of hair! Stacey and Chandler are adjusting perfectly to their new role as parents, just like I knew they would.

While Jason's family was in town we packed in as much fun as we could. We went to glitter mountain to mine crystals, swam at this place called Little Jamaica, and spent hours at the pool. We even had a huge Easter egg hunt with all the cousins, and the kids got enough chocolate and treats to last a VERY long time (thank you, Grandma Radawn) It was so nice to have all of Jason's family together and we'll cherish that time spent together and memories made. This would be our last time being with the Madsen family before they move away. Lots of tears were shed and we will miss having our favorite family living just down the street. We are excited for them to have this experience and for Brandon to pursue his career, only 3 short years until we get them back.

Our favorite thing to do in St. George is to get out and explore, The kids love to hike and climb rocks.  Jason and I spend the majority of the time of the verge of having a heart attack but I love seeing the kids feel alive and free outside. 

We had never been to the children's museum, we had a few hours to spare and we gave it a try. The kids had a blast. Dallas loved dancing and singing on stage, Briggs loved playing in the dinosaur room, Lexi liked learning new things in the science area, and Jaxon and Dad had fun building a marble run together. I think next time we're down there and need to escape the heat we'll definitely go back. 

The last two days were spent at the baseball park watching Jaxon play ball. We tried our best to stay cool under the shade, but on the last day a huge rainstorm rolled in and ended up cancelling his last game. 

I would say that st. George is one of our favorite places to escape too. There are so many fun parks, and lots of fun things to do there. We all look forward to heading down south for some warmth.